Coming out today is the brand new single from German act RADIOZOO. We have the exclusive premiere for the music video to ‘Closer,’ which features fellow artist YAN.

A crisp future bass cut brought to life with infectious pop tones and energising bass murmurs, ‘Closer’ has moments of 80s throwbacks, whist still sounding super fresh.

The duo says of the single: “When YAN came up with the song, we instantly knew that we should work on it together. It’s a little story everyone can relate to about trying to fix a self-made problem in your relationship. YAN’s performance is really appealing and nearly everyone who heard that song fel; in love with it. One day we came up with this 80s-style chord progression, which then really lead us to the final version in no time. We love the result of our blend!”

Check it out in full, right here. You can stream it on Spotify or purchase through iTunes, Play or Amazon.