Before “Levels” came out, Avicii unleashed it on the crowd at Ultra Miami 2011. And watching the video footage as he plays out the track live for one of the very first times is pretty surreal.

So picture this: you’re at Ultra Music Festival. The sun is shining, life is good, and your favorite DJ just hit the stage. And, he’s playing your favorite song. It’s easy to feel the energy — the euphoria — from the video below. (Sorry about the quality. It was 2011, after all.)

One Reddit user puts it best: “‘Levels’ has the capability of feeling like the first time, every time [you hear] it.” It felt like the first time at EDC to Tomorrowland that same year, too.

There’s no denying, the release strategy behind Avicii’s greatest hit was sheer genius. Avicii dropped the record at every show and fans just couldn’t get enough. By the time the song officially released, it was already a hit.

From Ultra to EDC to Tomorrowland — “Levels” played out perfectly every time. Just watch.

RIP, legend.

“Levels” @ Ultra Music Festival 2011

“Levels” @ EDC Las Vegas 2011

“Levels” @ Tomorrowland 2011


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