Kanye West’s return to social media has been nothing if not revolutionary. Spouting woke words left and right and making announcements about Yeezy, music, and a possible run for president in 2024 has left many fans trying to catch up.

Importantly, buried in a seemingly endless string of tweets, was the news that West and longtime manager Scooter Braun have parted ways. The two have worked together since March 2016.

In follow up tweets, West explains the move was a part of shifting all his employees in house, including hiring a full-time lawyer, CEO and CFO for YeezyBillboard reports that Scooter’s company, SB Projects, will still work with Yeezy, though the two will no longer act under management/client roles.

West claims that Yeezy will become a billion dollar company this year.

West also posted a few tweets suggesting that he will be making a run for president in 2024, though any claims like these are to be taken with a mighty grain of salt.