BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw likes to play a game called “The Lyrics Game,” wherein he asks his guests to remember the lyrics to their own songs. When he had Selena Gomez on, she forgot the lyrics to her massive Zedd collaboration, “I Want You To Know.”

When he had Diplo on the program, he switched things up a bit and had him try and recreate the drops from his songs, which ended up in an absolutely hilarious display of mouth skills.

Now, he’s got Calvin Harris on the program, and he’s doing it again. Harris is challenged to remember the drops from songs like “It Was Acceptable In The ’80s” and “We Found Love” (the latter of which is particularly hilarious). He was also asked to recreate the drops and choruses of songs he produced, like “Call My Name” by Cheryl, and his silly “Jam TV Theme” from 2007.

Check out the video below!


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