Joe Ghost was actually featured years ago on Your EDM when Hardwell reworked one of his tracks in 2013, but it’s been a long time since then and our most recent feature earlier this year for his song “Let It Go.” In the time since, Joe’s sound has evolved and developed into what it is today: a beautiful and melodic take on future bass that combines otherworldly vocals with unparalleled production.

I knew there was something special about him when I covered “Let It Go” in February, and his album out today, Begin Again, came as a complete surprise. Not because of how good it is – because it is really good – but because I never saw it coming.

Spanning seven tracks, Joe Ghost features a vocalist on five of them, giving this album a wide variety of sounds and influences, as each vocalist inevitably imparts their own particular style onto their accompanying track.

The climax of the album remains “Let It Go,” which smashes sounds with heavily distorted synths and a swinging rhythm in the drop.

“Switch” is the one odd track out on the release, presenting as a banger in a sea of ballads. Coming at the end, it serves as a bit of a strange end cap for Begin Again, but at just 2 minutes, 42 seconds, there isn’t a whole lot to digest.

Check out the album below!

Joe Ghost – Begin Again