In lieu of President Trump and Kanye West’s comments about ‘dragon energy,’ Diplo looks to have also hopped onto the bandwagon when he jokingly, or so we assume at least, captioned an Instagram post about trying to find his. While the story could have just as well ended there, it became even more curious once Madonna chimed in.

Madonna, of all people, then responded to that post with a reply in the comments, “you’ll find it on May 8th.”

Could it be that the two pop superstars have something up their sleeves for us? May 8th doesn’t fall on a Friday, which has become the day of new music releases globally, so it might not be a new collaboration. While that’s not to say that it definitively isn’t a new record, it does feels like we may just have to wait and see unless they choose to reveal more.


Featured Image: Jas Davis