Kaskade is really getting into #PayItForwardDay — which is today in case you haven’t already heard.

He’s bringing DJs like The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, and Tiësto back together with people they’ve blocked in the past. Whether it’s an artist or a friend, Kaskade is using his power for good and mending these  online relationships the best he can. There’s only one exception — “no trolls or stalkers.”

Some are receptive to the unblocking movement Kaskade has started, and others not so much. Even deadmau5 put up a little fight before giving in and unblocking a fan. But, he did it because, at the end of the day, it’s Pay It Forward Day after all.

If there’s anyone you wish would unblock you from social media, don’t hesitate to hit up Kaskade. But make sure you do it today before #PayItForwardDay is over. Unfortunately, by tomorrow everyone will forget about this whole thing and go back to their normal lives.

Maybe deadmau5 will even reconsider his block on us. Just, maybe.

Kaskade Does Pay It Forward Day