The news of Avicii‘s passing hit especially hard for everyone who has ever worked with him. Across the board, you’ll hear how hardworking and talented he was — and every artist is commemorating

Rita Ora, one of his most recent collaborators, did a very special tribute recently at 538Koningsdag in Breda. To remember the legend, the singer asked for a minute of silence before she busted into their track “Lonely Together.”

After getting everyone’s attention, she explained just why the song would be so hard for her to get through. She kept it together, as she spoke highly of Avicii — someone she says, “changed my life.”

“I haven’t sang his song that we did together every since he passed away until today. So, it’s going to be very hard for me to sing this next song.”

With Avicii gone, the song does sound a lot more lonely now. Rita Ora, naturally, nailed her tribute and many other DJs including Hardwell spun Avicii material into their sets to remember the dance music great over the weekend.

RIP, Avicii.

One Minute of Silence For Avicii

Rita Ora Performs “Lonely Together”


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