If you’re a giraffe looking to buy a new Swedish House Mafia hoodie…consider yourself in luck.

All jokes aside, it appears the new SHM merchandise is all messed up. The new merch, which includes a t-shirt and hoodie, went live in late March; we weren’t happy with the designs. The merch was only available until April 2, and orders began shipping on April 23.

Customers started receiving their merch orders, and unfortunately the results appear disastrous thus far. According to users on the Ultra Music Festival and SHM subreddits, the sizes of the merch run large… very large. The most shocking of the issues is the hoodie’s actual hood: it’s hilariously huge.

Credit: Reddit user DNAABeats

Lol mad

As seen in the photos above, the hood looks to be designed for people with very long necks…or giraffes. Sandbag, the fulfillment company who sent the merch, responded to a complaint with the below email:

Sandbag Comment on SHM Merch Issues from r/UMF

We’re curious to see if SHM, their team or merch collaborator Palm Angels respond to the complaints, but this merch roll-out taints their reunion a bit. Here’s hoping their Virgil Abloh collaboration fares better.


Cover Photo: Rukes