If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million… Cheat Codes are currently under fire for some unbecoming conduct in response to a fan at a recent show. The video is from an event at Fairfield University in Connecticut this past Saturday called ClamJam; the first video showed up on Twitter the next day before it was deleted.

It’s tough to say what happened before the video started, but the events during the video are quite clear:

  • Cheat Codes member Trevor Dahl is shown verbally assaulting someone off-camera, calling him a “fucking bitch” and taunting him
  • Dahl walks back toward the DJ booth, still on the mic, calling for security
  • The fan or attendee approaches the stage and puts his hands on it, as if about to pull himself up, and Dahl rushes over and shoves him in his face
  • The attendee seems confused, taking off his glasses, and making motions as if to say, “What was that for?”
  • Cheat Codes member Matthew Russell then joins Dahl at the front of the stage and says something, though inaudible. He gives the attendee a shove to his shoulders before the attendee is grabbed by security or staff to be escorted away. Before that happens though, Russell gives him another shove to his head.

We’ve contacted management who have no comment for now, but Cheat Codes’ conduct seems grossly exaggerated for whatever actions the attendee was showing on video. Without knowing what happened beforehand, however, it’s impossible to truly pass judgement and say what they were doing wasn’t warranted.

Check out the video below, captured on Snapchat.


Photo by @Philippe Wuyts Photography