Revel is leading us straight into a ravedeath / rebellion. And if you’re not exactly sure what that means, well, it’s time to find out.

About a month ago, the producer’s debut original fittingly found a home with Superdead. Dark, grimy, acidy, rave-worthy goodness — the track screams originality and bleeds dance music to its core.

Now, we’re excited to be a part of the movement with this music video premiere.

The Death Of Rave

“Body and Blood” marks the dawn of a new era, at least for Revellers. This song battles “producers who produce nothing,” “DJs who can’t DJ” — and most importantly “dance music you can’t dance to.” Blasphemous, if you ask us.

Revel’s #1 mission is to revive the rave movement and destroy anything that compromises its integrity. The result? A heavy electro warehouse anthem and blood red visuals which create an overall ” hallucinatory masterpiece that invades our subconscious.” That, and promise for much more to come as Revel has just begun.

Check out the premiere below and if you’re wondering what you just watched, the explanation is simple: “A visceral experience inspired by grindhouse film, religious iconography and 90’s rave. Created through the use of sampling as a visual medium. An invitation into rave death / rebellion.”

Revel – Body and Blood

Download “Body and Blood” for free here!

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