Records are making a serious comeback.

Obviously, they never really went away. Vinyl DJs and enthusiasts have been keeping stellar collections all along. Record stores are the real hot spots in music-driven cities and Record Store Day seems to catch on more and more each year. It seems artists have been releasing vinyl more regularly, too.

Perhaps even more telling, high definition vinyl¬†technology is¬†on the brink of changing the game in terms of quality and preservation — and now, there’s even an app for identifying album art. Welcome to the future.

Behold, Record Player. Not that old dusty one you have at home for those rainy days, but a new and shiny app. The next level of album recognition is here thanks to a new music experiment from Glitch, in collaboration with Google software and Spotify.

This is basically Shazam for album covers. If you’re ever in a situation where you need to identify an album and artist, this is perfect. Not only can you scan for information, but the app will assist you in listening before you purchase said album.

Get the Record Player app here and see how it works below.

Record Player App


H/T: engadget