Instagram is known as a common space for sharing creative imagery, art, ideas and more — but it has potential to be a lot more. In other words, it’s about to become a real money maker.

According to a new report, the app is making moves to go live with payments, which would make the photo-sharing app a marketplace as well. Payments have already been popularized among social media users through apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, and now Facebook is apparently testing out a similar feature via Instagram.

Just think if sending a payment was as easy as double clicking to “Like.” Any users interested in sending or receiving payments through Instagram would simply need to add their add their debit or credit card information to start making exchanges through the platform. The new concept sounds as easy as PayPal, Venmo, etc.

It must be said, this is quite dangerous for impulsive buyers. Sometimes, when you see something on Instagram — you just have to have it. So, what will happen when that’s actually possible? Ok honestly, that’s me just knowing I’m already in trouble with this new feature.

Expect peer-to-peer payments via Instagram to be integrated in the near future.


Source: Gadgets 360