Midnight Mafia, a hardstyle/hardcore event in Sydney, made headlines this weekend after hundreds of people were searched and thousands of MDMA pills were seized. Now, some festival goers are firing back, saying they were turned away for no reason after being searched by police — even though they were found to be drug free.

One person took to social media to share her account after being denied entry to Midnight Mafia. Here’s what she had to say about the matter via news.com.au:

“I was one of the innocent people who got pulled aside to be stripped searched and when cleared was still not allowed back in. Was even threatened to be taken to the hospital because they believed I was carrying drugs in internally. (I) had my ticket deactivated and told I would be refunded. I don’t blame the event organizer. He was even pissed off with had happened. But when I asked police three times who’s put this new rule in they gave me three separate answers, So not even a straight forward answer. — (it’s) absolutely ridiculous.”

According to a Greens MP in the NSW Parliament, David Shoebridge, his office has been contacted by a half dozen people who were turned away — even after they were found to not have drugs. He said the searches were “aggressive and unwarranted,” comparing what happened to a “21st century witchcraft trial.”

“It’s like when they used to throw people in the water and say if you’re a witch if you float and if you sink, you’re not,” he explained. “You can’t win either way.”

By the numbers: 14,000 people attend the music festival, 187 were searched by police, 3,500 MDMA pills were confiscated, 13 people were charged and 256 people were treated by paramedics. One 25-year-old woman is still fighting for her life after being hospitalized, and three others were taken in for drug-related health issues.

Police Presence At Midnight Mafia


Sources: Daily Mailnews.com.au