Traveling to Taipei, Taiwan from Denver, Colorado is one of the longest trips you can possibly make from Denver. They literally give you the option to fly east or west and both have similar flight times. Typically it’s more affordable to fly west, because there’s no need to fly over Europe or other crowded air space that you encounter flying east. Regardless of the travel time though, I can easily say that Taiwan, and specifically Looptopia, has become one of my favorite international destinations.

Featuring artists like Slushii, Vini Vici, Sebastian Ingrosso, DJ Snake, Lost Frequencies, Yellow Claw, and more, Looptopia truly brings artists from around the globe to party in the upcoming dance music destination that is Taiwan. This year, 36,000 party people from multiple countries came out to celebrate life, love and music beneath new and improved stages, designs, and intense pyrotechnics. People from Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, America and Australia represented their countries proudly with bright flags. The vibes were on point the whole time, despite a drizzly first day. And, after watching fans literally break the rail during Taiwan-export RayRay‘s set, it was awesome to see them help security put it back together and continuing going hard all night long.

I think the reason I love coming to Looptopia so much is the culture of respect prevalent throughout all of Taiwan and the pure enthusiasm for music. You can put your backpack down for a few minutes in the middle of the crowd and not have to worry about anyone stealing it. And as fans, although English isn’t even close to most of their native language, they know every lyric to every song and sing it out loud with no shame. It’s truly an eye opening and remarkably different experience than attending festivals in North America and Europe, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have come back for the second year of the festival.

Check out some of the pictures from this year’s event below, and I highly recommend considering the trip out yourself for Looptopia 2019–hopefully I’ll see you there!


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