If you haven’t heard tell of LICK yet, it’s about time. At least, if you want to get in on Deadbeats‘ best kept secret. And here he is with his debut EP out now via Zeds Dead’s label!

The Arizona-based producer has been hanging in the shadows, perfecting his craft all while on the verge of something big — and every moment up until this point has led to his REVOLT. With this 2-pack release, LICK rises to the occasion in a true sense of the EP’s title. His sound is fierce, rebellious, and leads a new wave of hard-hitting dance music.

First up, it’s the strike of “11PM,” signaling the opportune time for LICK and collaborator CUBED to come out and play. This one goes heavy, but sounds oh so clean. It’s a walk on the dark side with only meticulously placed milliseconds which leave you room to breathe.

“CONSTRUKT,” with its lethal sound design, will blast you into another dimension if you let it. Saturation lingers around the strike of every beat, there are melodies underneath the madness, and something new can be heard every time you listen. It just goes to show how LICK takes an idea and sees it through completely.

LICK first caught our attention as a feature on the Deadbeats Compilation (Vol. 2), with his energy fueled midtempo track “Push.” Make sure you check that out, as well as what you came here for — listen to the REVOLT EP below.



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