Illenium told his followers last night via Twitter not to miss Excision’s set at EDC yesterday, and immediately we assumed it was about their forthcoming collaboration. It turns out, he played out the collaboration himself a few hours before Excision even took the stage at EDC.

Excision shared the first teaser around two weeks ago, though we’ve known about the collaboration itself for a little while longer. Still, this is the first time that the collaboration has ever been played out in its entirety. It’s a brilliant blend of both DJ’s styles. Illenium’s softer, melodic side takes the majority of the first drop; Excision’s harder and rougher sensibilities contribute more to the second drop, and we suspect Illenium had a lot to do with it, as well.

As we learned in the reddit comments, this was the final song of Illenium’s set last night, and what a way to send fans home! Check out the full collaboration below.

Got a sneak peak of the new Illenium x Excision 🔥 from EDM


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