Techno pioneers Lords of Acid hasn’t released a full album since 2012’s Deep Chills, and before that there was another large gap, with only a Greatest T*ts album in terms of LPs since his epic Private Parts and On The Rocks albums in 2001. There were scattered EPs throughout the ’00s, including a mini-album called Smoking Hot in 2016 but the mentally straining, eye-bulging psychedelia that is known as Lords of Acid (LOA) has been more of a flashback to fans than anything during the last decade. That, of course, is all about to change.

LOA’s first full album of new material in over 15 years is due out tomorrow, May 18. It’s called, likely to no one’s surprise, Pretty In Kink. LOA has been known for pushing boundaries both musically and subject-wise since 1988 (yes, you read that right), so an album all about fetishes and weird feedback is right along the line for this influential EDM powerhouse.

Metropolis, LOA’s label for Pretty In Kink, has been teasing the new album for over a year, with early press about the release popping up around this time in 2017. Fans in the know seem to have been getting the word out better than any news vehicle could have, and with a few singles already having dropped, the anticipation for Pretty In Kink has come to a rabid fever pitch. That’s there Your EDM comes in, as we’re very excited to drop the last premiere before this new album changes the face of electronic music once again. “What the Fuck!” is a fitting track to do just that.

“What the Fuck” starts off as a classic-sounding LOA track, with characteristic slowish techno drums fusing with aggressive guitars and even more aggressive rapped vocals. After the first breakdown, however, the beat changes and the synths get much more ravey. By the end of the track, all the elements LOA’s fans have come to expect and more much more have been drawn out in a great balance between classic and modern EDM. It’s a fitting last preview before Pretty In Kink hits the scene in full.

There’s been a void in rave music and EDM over the past decade. There aren’t as many acts as there used to be who, in addition to having rock star status and pop cache, cover more than one genre as a time and bring together entire scenes with their music. With Pretty In Kink, Lords of Acid is poised to fill that void and show younger EDM’ers just exactly “What the Fuck!” is up.

Pretty in Kink is out in full on Metropolis Records tomorrow, May 18. Click here to pre-order, stream or purchase.