Eric Prydz returns as one of his most beloved aliases with his latest Pryda EP aka PRY 039 — which presents 4 tracks of prog/techno amazement.

The leading track, “Elements,” promises an exciting ride from the start. Right away, he delves deep into the masterful sound of Pryda and offers up a unique musical journey should you wish to proceed. Things really start to get interesting, as “Obsessive Progressive” kicks in with curious rhythms and a forceful beat, which all push onward straight into heavy techno.

The darker, mysterious side of Pryda can be heard through “The HoaX” and a spark of ambition within “Project L.O.V.E.” The producer flirts with contrasting styles and sounds, which never stay in one place for too long. By doing so, he covers a lot of ground through this 4-track release — from the heaviest beats to the most magical moments.

The Pryda EP is truly a must-listen experience for any fan of Eric Prydz. Fluttering synths, complex, entrancing melodies, and an overall immaculate feel make this a thrilling body of work from start to finish.

Listen to the new Pryda EP out now via Pryda Recordings.

Pryda EP 2018

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