The Binches (Kayzo, Ookay, Yultron, and Dotcom) made their EDC debut last night, closing out the festival from cosmicMEADOW. The four artists have been friends for years and so their chemistry on stage and behind the decks was absolutely electrifying. However, no one could have ever expected a special guest appearance from the one and only Marshmello.

It’s generally common knowledge at this point that Dotcom is under the mask of Marshmello, so this guest appearance has a few layers of comedy to it as well as hype. If you’ve ever wondered if Dotcom and Marshmello have been spotted in the same place at the same time, file this one away in your memory banks.

Marshmello of course came out while The Binches played one of his biggest tracks ever, “Alone.” The moment was greeted by the fans in the crowd with hoots and hollers, and it’s surely a moment they won’t ever forget.

Check out the video of the moment below!

The Binches bring out Marshmello at EDC