When Riot Ten released “Rail Breaker,” who could have predicted that it was going to be one of 2018’s most common tracks in any dubstep set ever? Well, pretty much everyone, honestly. The raw and rough track that commands the crowd to “break your f*cking neck” is a headbanger’s anthem, so of course it would get played constantly. And frankly, hearing it 20 times a night can get exhausting. Thankfully, Herobust found a solution last night at EDC Las Vegas…

Right as the vocal sample brought maximum hype to the crowd and their adrenaline was at its peak, Herobust cuz the music for a few seconds, bringing silence and some outcries from the crowd. Soon enough, the sound came back, but it wasn’t dubstep… it was Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Now, there are a couple ways of looking at this: first, there’s never a bad time for a Rick Roll. Period. Second, it really sucks when you have that much pent-up energy and momentum in a set and it all dissipates instantly. Thirdly, it’s nice to break convention and surprise people with something unexpected. Fourthly, you have to know how to read the crowd, and it seems like a lot of people weren’t digging this.

At the end of the day though, these fans will never forget the moment Herobust Rick Roll’d them at EDC, and it certainly seems like he was having fun on stage.

If you weren’t there in the crowd during this moment, you can watch it all unfold below.

Herobust – Never Gonna Break Your F*cking Neck