RL Grime’s NOVA project started out as a sort of ‘zine that slowly developed into a full-on album project and tour, and we’ve been trying to get as much information about it ever since. We can assume that his latest tracks, “Stay For It,” “Era,” and “I Wanna Know,” will be on the album, but apart from that, we’re in the dark.

Thankfully the heads at /r/trap keep a close eye on all things Grime and clued into a new ID that RL played recently. In reality, the track was debuted (as far as we can tell) during his set at Ultra Music Festival, and it was also played this past weekend at LED in San Diego.

An earlier version of this article called the featured singer on the track Miguel, but we’ve since been told otherwise. It’s more likely that the vocalist is either Tory Lanez or Jeremih. According to reddit, RL mentioned a second collaboration with Miguel to be found on NOVA during a stream with pro Fortnite player Ninja. That collaboration is still as of yet unheard.

At this point, we’re just desperate for some concrete information about NOVA and new music; but until we get it, this will suffice.

RL Grime – ID

RL Grime dropping some ID's at LED in San Diego last night….😍📽: Tim Bulgatz

Posted by River Beats on Sunday, May 27, 2018


Photo by Jacqueline Verdugo