Happy birthday to Madeon, who turns 24 years old today! The French producer has quickly become one of dance music’s favorite artists thanks to his unique and playful production style, as well as his massive collaboration and tour “Shelter” with Porter Robinson.

Rather than ask for gifts, Madeon has given a gift back to his fans in the form of his ‘evil’ edit of “Shelter.” This is a track that many assumed belonged to Rezz, though that rumor was quickly done away with.

Fans discovered the edit in a hidden message in Madeon’s latest posts on Instagram and Twitter. Written at the top of the posts in his own language was a link to a zip file containing the track, a text message, and another message in Imperial Braille that matches the alphabet he created for Adventure. It translates to “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog,” a common phrase that uses every letter of the English alphabet.

The evil edit comes in stunning and devilish high quality, making this prime for at-home listening or in the car or showing off to your friends.

Madeon wrote to fans:

Hello !
Nice find !
This is a version of Shelter I made one gloomy evening, I wanted to corrupt its spirit a little !

It’s very different from the music i’m making in the studio but I had a lot of fun with it still.


You can download everything here.


Photo via Rukes.com