At its core, dance music has always been about bringing people of different circumstances together. Even in the very early days of Chicago and New York underground dance parties, dance music served as a safe haven for the outcasts, the unwanted ones, the ones who felt like they didn’t belong. Now that dance music has grown into a multi-billion dollar worldwide enterprise, that side of things has been toned down a bit; however, when you look at places like India, the community aspect is still thriving.

The latest episode of Smirnoff and Mixmag’s ongoing Global Dancefloor documentary series brings viewers to India, where the nation is uniting over a shared love for booming dance music. Compared to a melting pot like the US, India contains over 20 official languages and over 1 billion people. Getting these people together in one place for a night of music and fun is a magical moment.

Two of India’s biggest local artists, Shaan and Anish Sood, explain what makes India so appealing to foreign DJs and why Indian crowds are some of the most energetic in the world.

Watch Global Dancefloor: India, presented by Smirnoff and Mixmag, below.