Jauz dropped a bunch of IDs during his set at Ultra Music Festival, including collaborations with Crankdat and Adventure Club (for which both artists came out during their respective tracks). But among them was one that had us the most excited: “Keep The Rave Alive.” Based on the synth structure of the song, we knew that the collaboration was between Jauz and Knife Party, or Jauz and i_o, or lastly Jauz and Lazer Lazer Lazer. Each possibility was equally plausible, given that Jauz had remixed Knife Party before, he’s been friends with i_o for years, and Lazer Lazer Lazer just has that kind of sound…

Today, “Keep The Rave Alive” with Lazer Lazer Lazer is finally out and it’s just as good as we remember it from the main stage. At the very least it continues to show the versatility in Jauz’s production and the insane variety on his album. At most, it’s easily one of the best electro house songs of the year, maybe even last year. It has such a classic sound to it, complete with super saw synths and that obviously catchy vocal, there’s no way that it doesn’t go off when it’s played live.

Even sitting here at my desk I’m headbanging and fist pumping like an absolute fool – and I don’t give a f*ck.

This is Jauz’s fourth single from his album, so we should be getting a release date and title any day now! Jauz also revealed there are at least 17 songs on the album, so there’s no shortage of material we haven’t yet heard.

“Keep the rave alive” with Jauz and Lazer Lazer Lazer by listening to their new collaboration below!