It’s unfortunate, but mass shootings like the ones at Pulse Nightclub or Route 91 Harvest Festival have become a part of our lives that we must now always be wary of. Any mass gathering of people could be a potential target, especially music festivals where tens of thousands of people could be coming together.

This year at EDC Las Vegas went down peacefully, thankfully, but there could always be those who wish to do harm. One man, Nikolas Merlin, posted in the unofficial EDC Las Vegas Facebook group, promising to “beat the high score” of last year’s Las Vegas shooting.

The group is notorious for troll posts, but this kind of threat is never, ever appropriate. An admin in the group posted, “Thank you for taking swift action on the terrorist threat. The proper authorities are now involved.

Look at what this POS just posted in the EDC FB group. Joking or not this is disgusting and wrong. from electricdaisycarnival


Original Photo by Cory J Photography for Your EDM