California’s late night bar bill just got one step closer to being passed.

It’s already been approved by the State Senate and next up it needs to pass arguments by the State Assembly.

With the introduction of California Senate Bill 905, a pilot program would go into effect, allowing bars in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Long Beach, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento to push back last call from 2 am to 4 am. Not a requirement, just an option.

Democratic California State Senator Scott Wiener is all for it, and he’s the man behind California Senate Bill 905. There are arguments on both sides of the 4 am last call debate, but he believes his state would thrive between these couple of extra hours of bar time.

“Nightlife is central to the culture and economy of many of our cities, and they should be empowered to choose to extend alcohol sales hours if it makes sense for that city,” Wiener said upon introduction of CS Bill 905.

If approved, the late night bar bill could go into effect starting January 1, 2021.

California Senate Bill 905


Source: San Francisco Eater