A police force in Germany was reportedly attacked and several were injured at a music festival in Darmstadt, at which violence escalated between revelers and the officials.

The attack took place overnight from Saturday into Sunday, with a total of 15 officers suffering injuries from the clashes. As the festival known as Schlossgrabenfest concluded, people began throwing bottles at the police and carrying out acts of vandalism. It’s unclear at this point what had the festival attendees in such an uproar.

According to a report, approximately 80 people were arrested in relation to the violent breakout, many of which appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The brutal attacks are not being taken lightly, as the minimum sentencing has been raised from three months to six months.

“The reason for the violent acts is still unclear. Investigations […] are ongoing,” officials stated following the crime.

This was not only an attack against authority, according to state of Hesse, Peter Beuth, but also “against our constitutional state and our society.”

This story is developing.


Source: Deutsche Welle