The official subreddit for The Chainsmokers, /r/the_chainsmokers, isn’t one of the most popular electronic music communities on reddit. At time of publishing, it only has 553 subscribers. However, it’s clear that the passion the community expresses in that subreddit is genuine, and for that, certain gifts are awarded.

Subreddit moderator /u/PastaParker was recently guest listed all access to The Chainsmokers’ recent set at Bunbury Music Festival, along with his best friend and girlfriend. As you can see from the photo posted below, Parker clearly had a good time!

As another redditor mentioned, The Chainsmokers blew up on the internet, so it’s good to see them sticking with it even after they’ve achieved so much success. They’re also still quite active on the subreddit as /u/The_Chainsmokers.

Perks of being the Reddit Moderator 🙂 from The_Chainsmokers

The photo was cross-posted to /r/EDM, where Drew and Alex chimed in with some commentary of their own – see below.

Say what you will about their music, but Drew and Alex still care heavily about their fans. Listen to the remixes for their latest single, “Somebody,” here.


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