In that case headline confuses you, here’s the scoop. The island of Ibiza is considering suing Netflix over Ibiza, the streaming service’s new movie.

We’ve covered the Netflix Ibiza movie recently, but this news takes the cake. According to Hollywood Reporter, Ibiza may sue Netflix because the Ibiza movie includes footage from Barcelona and Croatia. While Barcelona neighbors Ibiza across the sea in Spain, neither it nor Croatia are Ibiza.

The Iberian Tourism Board is one of the movie’s biggest critics, citing a lack of respect for Ibiza’s culture, people and music. A man by the name of Guenolee Roger, a born-and-raised local who now runs a villa rental company, told THR the following:

“They tried to film the movie here and get the island to collaborate, but the Consel d’Eivissa gave them a firm NO after reading the script, because they felt that it was terrible PR for the island and totally opposite to the kind of tourism they are trying to encourage, which is more than just clubbing and partying.”

Yikes. So even though Ibiza strongly argued against the movie, Netflix gave it the go-ahead to film elsewhere and still release it. Johanna Carlson, an event planner for concierge company Deliciously Sorted, also gave her thoughts to THR:

“I think what most people are responding to is not only the physical misrepresentation of our beautiful island, but also the incredibly insulting portrayal of the culture and people on the island. It basically only shows one throbbing club, a fake Ibiza sunset, practically empty streets and two locals — a taxi driver who takes them to his house in the country for a song and a drink (not even hierbas, the traditional apertif) and a scantily clad go-go dancer.”

Double yikes. So not only is the Ibiza movie largely forgettable, it’s straight-up offensive. Ibiza hasn’t officially sued Netflix over its Ibiza movie yet, but we’re curious to see how this pans out.