Apple Music is making it easier than ever to listen to music using your web browser only.

Before just recently, users were only offered 30-90 second previews and re-directed to the app for full playback on a single or album. Now, you can sign in directly via the online widget — so you can drop what you’re doing and listen more seamlessly when you come across something you want to hear.

Some speculate this could mean the streaming service is readying the launch of a full online music listening client. Subscribers would be able to log into to listen instead of being limited to only the Music app on iOS.

The online widget currently features pause/play, a progress bar, and skip controls, mimicking what you might see in the Apple Music app. Time will tell if the service plans to incorporate browse and library options, or if those will remain app-only options.

Apple Music offers the following: Stream anything in the Apple Music collection on all your devices ad-free. Download albums, tracks, and music videos to your personal library and play them offline. Start your free three-month trial and cancel anytime.

For now, get excited that you can log into Apple Music and listen through your browser. Try the new widget out for yourself below. Start by clicking “Sign In.”

Apple Music Widget