Word has gotten out about Instagram’s plans to introduce longer-form video — and that could soon change the way we digest content on the popular social media app.

Multiple sources are now reporting that Instagram will offer a dedicated space for a range of long-form video selections. Much like how you surf through content on YouTube or Snapchat’s Discover tab, Instagram would do the same under this new concept.

Insta’s long-form video content is likely to include scripted shows, tutorials, music videos and more — really, the possibilities are endless. Anything you might be able to find on YouTube, you could also find on Instagram. At least, that’s the goal.

The social media app is determined to set itself apart by pushing full-screen, vertically oriented, high-definition 4K resolution videos. It will be interesting to see long-form videos come to life outside of the typical horizontal perspective we’ve become accustomed to.

According to TechCrunch, an official announcement could come as soon as June 20th.

This is about to get interesting…


Source: TechCrunch