When you’re a DJ, an international tour is pretty much the pinnacle of success. If you’re able to travel for making and playing music to fans from all over the world, then you’ve truly “made it.” But, at what cost?

This new study looks at the environmental footprint of touring DJs and what club culture is doing to our planet. The dance music community has always been quick to respond to social issues — and this one needs to be treated with much urgency.

Of course, even entertainment can have negative repercussions. That isn’t meant to point fingers, it’s just a fact. For example, according to research from the video below, a 44-date world tour would have about the same environmental impact as a return trip from Mars.

We all have a say in what happens next — DJs and the entire EDM community.

Make A Change

Individual DJs: Advised to make conscious decisions with the environment in mind. Don’t travel unless necessary.

Venues: Focusing on homegrown, local talent is one way to minimize this imprint. The best option isn’t always far away.

Music Festivals: All music events should take a good, hard look at their imprint and adjust, e.g., Glitter Ban

Calculate your own journey’s impact and find out ways to offset it at carbonfootprint.com. And, check out DJs for Climate Action here to help spread awareness and provoke positive change.

Environmental Footprint of Touring DJs and Club Culture


Photo via Rukes.com