Pretty much every producer has project files they’ve started and then scrapped because they weren’t good enough. Some of these even go years back, with producers periodically hopping back in to see if they can make something worthwhile “this time.” Most producers don’t put out these demos or works in progress, but a lot do, including k?d.

Apparently, k?d has been trying to remix Flume’s “Insane” for about two years now, but it’s never sounded exactly as he wanted. He threw up this remix late last week on SoundCloud, and we’re pretty stoked with how it turned out. It’s different than his usual more hype style, playing more to the mellow side – which works even better with Flume, if we’re being honest.

K?d writes, “i’ve remixed this track like 378569 times and never was happy with either version. over two years old.”

While we’d be interested to see what version k?d would be happy with, we’re pretty content with this one. Check it out.


Photo via k?d