Mat Zo is back and as housey as ever! He’s just dropped his new single “Bad Posture,” which will come out on his forthcoming¬†This Is A Mad Zoo House EP, date TBA.

“Bad Posture” is rife with delectable tidbits and samples, and that’s 100% on purpose. As one of dance music’s older producers, he wants to keep the art of sampling alive and well, and is using it to full effect not only on this single, but on the entire EP. According to the press for the track, “it’s dying out because people don’t want to pay to clear samples… but sometimes you gotta say fuck the money and do something artistic for the sake of doing it.”

You won’t hear a house track out like this on any other label in 2018; this is a callback to the good ol’ days, and Mat Zo is doing it just right. Check out “Bad Posture” below!


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