Leeroy Thornhill is a name that quite essentially resonates in the minds of just about any dance music connoisseurʼs knowledge through his many exponential endeavors in the sceneʼs upbringing and current state. Through his work as a member of The Prodigy, to his solo endeavors under Longman or Flightcrank, Essex-raised Thornhill has left no stone unturned in the musical world, and has recently reignited his creative character by joining forces with the legendary Get Hype Records. With a massive five track EP featuring two heart-thumping originals by the pioneer himself accompanied by three remixes by figureheads such as Adamski, Smooth, and Get Hype head honchos The Prototypes, this release is surely one reserved with its own chapter in the history books of dance music for generations to come.

After hearing this absolutely dance floor thumping vibe setter we decided to have a chat with the mastermind himself. Have a look.

Hey man! Sick to be having a chat with you. How goes it? Quite busy it seems?

Yoooo really excited at the moment, buzzing about the release and working with the Get Hype crew. Keeping busy Djing plenty of shows in the pipeline, so I’m getting my performing fix as well as producing. Life’s good. 

Most people know you from your work with The Prodigy as a former member. It seems youʼve totally reignited your solo works with this new release on Get Hype Records. Tell us a bit about how that interaction went down and how you became linked with The Prototypes?

Yeah it’s taken me time to get where I wanna be production wise. (Years in fact😁) but finally got confidence in what I’m trying to do musically. It’s been pretty hard coming out of the band and getting taken seriously musically. People expect to hear another Liam Howlett but there is only one, and nobody does it like Liam. I reached the stage where I just wanted to write music to play when I Dj and not over think what I was going to do with it, just wanted tunes that work on the dance floor.

I got tired of the ever changing breaks scene bullshit “oh you need to use a clap not a snare”…. “Everybody is doing this everybody is doing that” … “You should do it like this you should do it like that”  I kinda found peace within myself and thought I’m doing it my way. Of course I’m inspired by all styles of music so when I play I like to mix different genres into my set. I was lucky enough to spin at Epizode Festival in Vietnam in January with The Prototypes and DJ SS…and the first night I played, Nick Prototypes asked me “What’s this tune?” when I played Wait For Me. I told him it was mine and he was really feeling it. It just seemed to have the right ingredients when people on the dance floor are singing the lyrics the first time they hear it, that’s a pretty good sign. We had two more nights out and I dropped the tune again. After I played the last show Nick Prototypes was like “We wanna sign your tune to the label if your up for it?” The guys had wanted to release some other styles on the label and I’m honuored they chose my track for the first one. I always finish my sets with DnB and love and play their music so we had a common vibe in the fact that dance music is more than just one genre. 

This release also seems to have some excellent remixes that are already smashing dance floors across the world. Have you ever considered diving into the drum and bass world yourself under Leeroy Thornhill?

Man I am so lucky. All the remixes are amazing. I have dabbled with a bit of DnB but again people were telling me it has to be like this or that. I think that can really dent your confidence and stifle your creativity. I will be getting in the studio with the guys in the future and I’m sure I’ll learn loads from them, and have something to offer in return.

How do your normal studio days go down? Do you normally finish tunes quite quickly, or are they a lengthy process?

For me now, I need to hear a really good foundation of a track in 2 days. Get some great parts that you know work together and a good hook, and then I take a step back and let it breathe  I go back to it and if it Still makes me buzz I crack on. If it takes to long and I end up going round in circles then there’s is normally something that needs to come out and be replaced.

2017 was quite a mental year. What are some highlights you may have had? Really feeling “Wait For Me” how did that track come together?

For me 2017 was all about discovering cool dance music again. And playing the likes of ‘Lil Louie – French kiss’ and Adamski to a new audience. Playing with freedom again. Approaching production in a different way but I’m more excited about this year. ….’Wait for Me’ was all about getting back into sampling and thinking about the old rave days when tunes were written to make you feel good. And most importantly looking for that killer hook.

Lastly, are there any big plans for 2018 that you would be keen to share?

Hopefully more new tunes on Get Hype and working with more amazing talent like all involved in the current project. I love to see talent like those guys shake up the world of music.

The release is out now: http://classic.beatport.com/release/wait-for-me-breaking-out/2297016