On a consistent upward trend since the start of his career, Jaguar Skills has yet again reached indubitable levels of exceptional versatility. Through his use of attention-luring lead hooks and eccentric drum sequences, the man himself travels down the bass house pathway with his new summer future classic, “Lick Off” which features the paralleled production creativity of Shakes. The mysteriously masked producer/DJ has continually released heater after heater, showing his bass-heavy following that genres have never barred him from showcasing his unique sound.

At first listen, that ever so familiar bloodthirsty riff is immediately recognizable. If you didn’t quite catch on right away, it’s the theme of Dracula, and the track itself is just as naughty. The track’s intro lifts off with an ear-thumping set of drum breaks while simultaneously highlighting a catchy vocal line that’s sure to be stuck in your head all summer ’18. Before long, the drop cuts through with ferocity, teasing the bass line just before the impending drop quakes in like an ignited nuclear warhead. Boom!

I don’t know about you guys, but this one is going straight into my record crate, filed under “absolute smasher.

You can grab the tune itself here: https://www.beatport.com/track/lick-off-original-mix/10639209