Gotta love DJ Snake, brief and to the point. He’s announced that he has new music coming this Friday.

We’re guessing DJ Snake’s music will tie into his new album, which he announced a few weeks ago. Earlier in the month, DJ Snake collaborated with Yellow Claw for the new song “Public Enemy,” which will be on their album New Blood. And earlier in the year, he partnered with Jauz for “Gassed Up” and took a spin at riddim with “Magenta Riddim.”

Otherwise, DJ Snake has been pretty quiet as of late. He continues to play intermittent shows, but hasn’t released an album since his debut album Encore in 2016. Given his big radio singles and general hype, we expect the new music to be pretty radio-friendly, but patented DJ Snake as well. Tune in on Friday for our coverage!


Cover Photo: Rukes