Two huge influencers in the EDM realm, Calvin Harris and Hakkasan Group, are partnering up to put an end to plastic straws. The resident DJ and the hospitality company hope to make a difference in Las Vegas and beyond by pledging to eliminate these one-time use plastics.

For Harris, this movement is a no brainer: “My friend and tour photographer Conor McDonnell has been working closely with the World Wildlife Fund and has been sharing his first-hand experience of the damage plastic waste is doing to the environment. We want to reduce the impact of harmful plastics, so we decided to take action.”

Hakkasan Group CEO Nick McCabe couldn’t agree more in stating: “In the fast paced environment in which we operate, it’s easy to lose sight of wider social issues on which we have an impact. We’re incredibly proud to partner with Calvin on this initiative to reduce our consumption of single use plastics.”

According to research, over 500 million plastic straws are used and discarded every single day in just the United States. Many find their way into the trash, but some get into water sources which can negatively (and seriously) affect oceans and wildlife.

The superstar DJ/producer weighs in on how the nightlife company is setting a great example: “I am grateful to Hakkasan Group for supporting us and helping us make a difference, I hope other venues in the city and around the world will do the same.”

We can take matters into our own hands, too. Next time you go to take a sip of your gin and tonic or vodka soda just think — do you really need that straw or two? Let your bartender know you’re happy to sip on your drink without the straws!


Source: Variety | Photo via