Three years ago, DJ Snake trolled Dillon Francis by plastering his phone number on the main stage of Ultra Music Festival. Dillon’s phone was so inundated with texts and calls that it went from a full charge to dead in 30 minutes and had to change his phone number. It was a fantastic prank.

Since that moment, Dillon has been plotting and planning how to get back at Snake, and that day has finally come. Dillon purchased (as Snake’s actual website was, and was biding his time, waiting for the right moment…

Dillon Francis just dropped his new song “Look At That Butt” today, which he says was the perfect opportunity to finally use the website for its intended purpose. It’s a quintessential Dillon track, energetic and fun with just the right amount of inherent humor thrown in.

To assist with this troll, Dillon got many of his DJ friends to post about the dotcom website and pump up the mystery. Snake’s response says it all.


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