The iPhone may still dominate the cell phone market, but Google’s Pixel phone is catching up. The Pixel 3 is on the horizon, and the latest rumors hint at a truly awesome phone.

CNET broke down the latest round of Pixel 3 rumors. First, the Pixel 3 and the larger Pixel 3 XL are rumored to release this October, just a few months from now. Next, Google’s next Android operating system is rumored to heavily incorporate gesture navigation. Dubbed Android P, the new gesture features aren’t entirely known yet, but are expected to make a big impact on the new Pixel.

Unfortunately, the Pixel 3 is rumored to include a dreaded notch. Apple popularized the notch design with the iPhone X, and it looks like the new Pixel will follow in its footsteps. One great rumor: the Pixel may utilize wireless charging. Wireless charging has become more popular, so it’d make sense for the Pixel to incorporate it.

In terms of camera, the Pixel 3 XL is rumored to have two front-facing cameras. It’s also rumored to have an edge-to-edge display to give the phone a more expansive appearance. The leaked images so far also make it seem like it’ll be close in design to the Pixel 2. While one rumor hints at a premium Pixel 3 to accompany the other two, it seems like only the two Pixel 3 phones, new Pixel Buds headphones and a Pixel smartwatch will release. Finally, a cheaper version of the Pixel may be coming at some point in the future.

Whatever the case, it sounds like the Pixel 3 will be pretty awesome.