Since its debut at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year, “HEX” with 1788-L has been a crowd favorite for Rezz fans. Even for Rezz, it’s quickly become one of her favorite tracks, even making its way to becoming her opening track during her sets.

With an eerily characteristic, Rezz-like intro that perfectly sets up the rest of the track, the normalcy is quickly shattered with break-style drums and a pounding, suspenseful rise. When the drop hits, more along 1788-L’s style, you’re rather unsure of what to do with yourself, much like Ricky Bobby. The sound is so jarring and discordant that your brain is sent into a state of panic and confusion; but somehow, somewhere deep in the DNA of the track, there’s a natural rhythm that you tap into. Once you make peace with that rhythm, something magical happens…

Rezz calls her album Certain Kind Of Magic, and “HEX” is exactly the kind of magic she’s referencing. Teaming up with 1788-L presented the perfect opportunity to create something entirely out of the realm of normal. And once it his, it absolutely puts you under its spell. As the opening track in her sets, it perfectly sets up what you’ll be hearing for the rest of the night.

Rezz’s album drops August 3. Until then, listen to “HEX” below and download the single here.