Throughout the years, the dubstep genre has endured countless phases and trends (some more tolerable than others). While the genre has undoubtedly seen serious growth and presently spans across numerous incarnations, dubstep is still suffering from one major downside: atonality.

Rushdown is looking to change that for good. The independent record label and collective – headed by one of dubstep’s biggest up-and-comers, Chime – has been making some serious waves with its consistently creative, melodic releases.

One of Rushdown’s signees that particularly embodies these traits is Ace Aura, a 19-year-old producer hailing from Dallas, Texas. Ace Aura caught Chime’s attention last year with his stunning remix of “Wait for Me,” which ended up seeing a release on the track’s official remix package alongside names like Rob Gasser and Teminite.

Moving forward, Ace Aura has shown no signs of slowing down; 2018 has been his biggest year yet. In addition to releasing an original on Rushdown and an EP on Ninety9Lives, Ace Aura also released a DubstepGutter-supported collaboration with Chime himself.

Following right on the heels of the collaboration, Ace Aura is back at it again with yet another EP release. Out now on Rushdown, Guided Wandering serves as an excellent example of the label’s mission, combining heaviness with creative sound design and immersive melodies.

We have the privilege of being about to premiere the EP’s third – and most experimental – track, “Intrusion.” The song starts off with some adventurous chiptune, progresses with a Marshmello-style breakdown and climaxes with a hefty drop, chocked full of mind-boggling arps and stabs. “Intrusion” is definitely a tasty tune, so please treat yourself with a listen:

Stream/Download the Guided Wandering EP