New artists break into the scene every single day. The duo GATTÜSO is comprised of Israeli DJ/producer, Reem Taoz, and American DJ/producer, Terrence “Steel” Oliver, with the duo now based in New Jersey.

Long a lover of the high-quality electronic dance music brought to his family’s nightclubs in the luxurious casinos of Lima, Peru, the young Taoz always knew he wanted to become an artist. Spending countless hours in the nightclubs where he soaked-up and studied the sounds that moved the dancefloors, Taoz’s days were also filled listening to FM radio. Music seeped into his pores until its very essence drove him to want to create music himself.

Known as “Steel” to friends and colleagues, Terrence Oliver has over 15 years of experience in the electronic dance music industry. As a highly respected producer, remixer and audio engineer, ‘Steel’ has established himself as a go-to collaborator sought by the likes of Wyclef Jean, Marley Waters, Kat DeLuna, Lil Jon and many others. As a duo, GATTÜSO was born of a burning desire to make dynamic music that inspires listeners to get up and dance.

Their new song “Who We Are” is out today and is a brilliant blend of pop and dance sounds, fusing deep house and horns with featured vocalist Myah’s soft vocals.

We’ve listened to your new single, “Who We Are” ft Myah. It’s a great song! How did the three of you get together?

GATTÜSO: Thank you for the kind words! We had the music for the track done and we wanted to find a singer that captured the feeling and meaning behind the song. After searching for a little while we came across Myah. What we heard on Spotify was different than what we saw on YouTube of her. We felt that she was a versatile singer with a definite spark to her character and we’re very happy with the results.

What’s your backstory?

GATTÜSO: GATTÜSO is comprised of me, MARKUS GATTÜSO (my real name is Reem Taoz), and I’m an Israeli DJ/producer. My production partner is American DJ/producer Terrence “Steel’ Oliver. I grew up listening to EDM in my family’s casinos in Peru and I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I spent endless hours in the clubs studying the sounds that moved people and all the world-famous DJs who came through our clubs. Terrence has over 15 years of experience in the dance music scene and he has worked with artists like Marley Waters, Kat Deluna, and Lil Jon. The group has only been in existence for about eight months now. We actually met randomly at a recording studio and after chatting for a bit about music, we realized how similar our tastes were and decided to start to work on some things together. Shortly after, we realized how great the dynamic was between us and we started moving full steam ahead. There you have the origin of GATTÜSO.

We hear through industry sources that some really big American FM radio stations are excited about your new single. How exciting! Can we expect to hear “Who We Are” on the radio this summer?

GATTÜSO: Definitely, yes! When we made “Who We Are,” we made a couple of different versions (club, radio, Spotify, etc). But radio was our main focus with this song for sure.

“Who We Are” definitely has a very “pop” sound to it, much more so than a festival or club tune. Do you consider yourself to be an EDM producer? Or more of a “pop” music producer?

GATTÜSO: Yes it definitely has a very pop vibe to it. But, I’d say we consider ourselves music producers. We create a lot of different sounds. For instance, our next single is going to be more of a future-house, EDM vibe.

Where can people see you DJ’ing? What DJ gigs (i.e. festivals, nightclubs, etc. have you played in the past? Do you have any club residencies?

GATTÜSO: We don’t have any residences at the moment but we are currently in negotiations.

What is it about GATTÜSO as an artist that makes you special, do you think?

GATTÜSO: What makes GATTÜSO special is that we try to make songs that connect with people. Whether it’s the lyrics that take someone to a familiar place or the music that sets a feeling of euphoria, we try to keep that same quality and energy in every song.

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