Snapchat has positioned itself on the forefront of AR experiences as far as social media goes. And now, the platform is expanding its imaginative ventures in partnership with some of the biggest companies in the world — Disney, Universal and Warner Bros.

Imagine walking along, opening up your Snapchat app and stumbling upon some Minions. With this exciting new rollout, brand new park-specific, reality-altering lenses are being introduced as Snapchat strives to take over theme parks across the globe.

Snapchatters at Disneyland, Disney World, and other Disney parks can have fun with special Mickey and Minnie filters, exclusively available on the venue grounds. Universal and Six Flags are also are working on specialty filters this summer — and the possibilities really are endless.

Ben Schwerin, Vice President of Partnerships at Snapchat revealed to The Hollywood Reporter: “We love working with our partners Disney, Universal and Warner Bros. to create augmented reality experiences that allow our users to connect with some of their favourite characters in a totally new way. We can’t wait for Snapchatters to have fun with these lenses when they visit the parks this summer.”

Disney is just as stoked: “Our fans are loving the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Snapchat lenses. It’s just one of the many ways we are using the growing popularity of mobile technology to take the guest experience to the next level.”

Expect even more of your favorite characters and stories to come to life soon as this partnership evolves!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter | Image via Snapchat