Drake and Spotify recently partnered up for an over-the-top promotion, placing the rapper’s latest album Scorpion and related content on the platform’s landing page to excess. Now, some paid subscribes are asking for their money back — because while they expected an ad-free listening experience they got a whole lotta Drake instead.

During what the music streaming platform declared “Scorpion SZN,” the album was being streamed 10 million times per hour on Spotify thanks to its overboard promo. The album has been undeniably successful, and even shattered the overall one-week streaming record after just three days.

However, Spotify’s numbers didn’t even come close to matching that of Apple Music — 130 million streams compared to 170 million respectively in that critical first day. “Scorpion SZN” completely backfired.

If you didn’t happen to log onto Spotify when Drake’s album dropped last Friday, well, it went a little something like this…

And, if you didn’t already know, there’s a Drake for every mood. Just ask Spotify…

Needless to say, music lovers everywhere became upset with the pushy Drake promotions…

According to one subscriber, Spotify will dish out refunds to anyone who wasn’t feeling the “Scorpion SZN” promotion (see below).

Spotify declined to comment on the situation, but sources have claimed to Billboard that complaints have been relatively minimal and no official refund policy has been put in place.

Moral of the story: people love Drake’s music, but they don’t want it shoved down their throats.


H/T: Billboard