Six months ago, if you asked me what the next big sound in dance music was going to be, I could have given you a dozen different answers. These days, I don’t have a name for it, but it’s the sound that Rezz, 1788-L, blanke and others are championing. It’s a dark, malevolent, and pounding sound that is perfect for big stages and warehouses alike, and it’s sweeping the nation.

Out on Dim Mak today is the new collaboration from Blanke and Kayoh called “Supercharged.” The song lives up to its namesake, never relenting or easing up on the gas pedal for a moment. Crunchy synths play along to a stomping rhythm that’s sure to either make fans headbang or stop in their tracks and go, “What the fuck.”

“Supercharged” is available now for free download via Dim Mak New Noise. Check it out below.