As genres continue to evolve and proliferate, it’s never been more important to innovate within your lane and bring something new to the table. For Matroda and RICCI, they approach bass house in a new and unique way for their new single “Caliente (Na Na Na),” out now on Dim Mak.

The first thing you’ll notice about the drop is the incredibly syncopated beat, playing almost off-rhythm at times, coupled with the sparse synths and odd vocal samples. It’s a weird track by any measure but musically it works like magic. It’s as if there’s a perfect circle around the track, within which it can go crazy and wild… but it will never escape that circle. There’s a boundary to it all that keeps “Caliente” in check while still giving it the room to let the freak flag fly, so to speak.

This is sure to throw ravers for a loop when it’s dropped live, but they’ll soon find their groove and vibe with it the same way we are. Check it out below!