Eyes and ears have been on Spotify for its major strides in the music streaming world. But while the headlines have been zeroed in on every move the platform makes, Apple Music has been steadily and silently edging ahead of the competition.

According to Digital Music News, Spotify was just surpassed in terms of US subscribers. An anonymous source spilled the unofficial news, which puts Apple Music ahead of its primary competitor, as well as Tidal, Sirius XM, and even more popular music streaming services. Again, this is just as far as the US goes and excludes users in the trial period.

The secret source says both Apple Music and Spotify now have more than 20 million subscribers across the country, but exact numbers are vague to protect confidentiality. While we don’t know exact figures yet, the report confirms Apple Music has indeed taken the lead.

Not only that, Apple Music seems to have a stronger growth rate in the US, which could mean even more users will sign up in the near future. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Another huge factor to consider here user engagement, which Spotify seems to be lacking. The most glaring warning sign came with the pushy and unsuccessful Drake takeover. Spotify’s numbers didn’t come close to matching that of Apple Music — 130 million streams compared to 170 million in that critical first day of Scorpion‘s release.

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Source: Digital Music News