Landing today via Sony/RCA Records is the new sound from London producer FUTURECLUB. ‘Next Dollar’ happens to be the artist’s debut, and has been co-written by the talented singer and songwriter Pepper Rose.

Otherwise known as Noel Wayne, the Leeds born, London based talent has worked behind the scenes on various high profile tracks before now pushing his own solo style. With more music in the pipeline, he is sounding slick with ‘Next Dollar.’

Think catchy melodies, rhythmical flows and outstanding vocals from Pepper Rose, with the songstress saying: “When we wrote ‘Next Dollar’ I imagined a broke but happy/wild and free girl who is living pay cheque to pay cheque. She’s a bit of a mess, stumbling from one good night to the next and not thinking about the financial consequences! She’s all about fun and living life to the fullest.”

FUTURECLUB adds: “We knew we had written something special when a week later we were still singing the song! Next Dollar’s rhythmic vibe was made to set dance floors alight and get you in that summer mood.”

Listen below.